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Are you a senior executive/entrepreneur seeking top class Management Education without disrupting your work and career? step up to the world-leading

Advanced Masters Program in Management of Global Strategies


The Management Program for Current and Future Leaders

AMP-GS is delivered through a partnership with internationally prominent business schools: UCLA (University of California Los Angeles), USA; Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China; and SDA Bocconi- School of Management, Milan, Italy. AMP-GS is a high-powered executive program designed to equip executives with tools required to develop markets and manage business units in emerging as well as developed economies. The program is targeted at the upper-middle and senior managers who are being groomed to transition from technical and delivery positions to managerial, business-consultancy and customer-facing positions in different regions of the world as well as the corporate headquarters.The primary value of the program to you and your company lies in its:

Structure and locations – Conducted at top international business schools in major centers of business activity in USA, China, India and Europe, so that you gain an onsite, in-depth understanding of global management problems from each of these perspectives

No breaks in your Work – The 14 month program does not disrupt continuing work commitments and schedule: 6 days per module (every 4 months) at each international location is followed by 10 sessions delivered online over 10 weeks.

Curriculum – Designed in consultation with leading multi-national companies and researchers in Global Management.

Blend of the theoretical and practical – The content is delivered through a combination of lectures, online sessions, group work, company visits, and cases.

Potential for networking – Lets you connect with other executives, classmates, and academicians from diverse background with similar issues and concerns.

Next program cycle begins February 2015

Global EMBA: On completion of AMPGS, participants desirous of further learning have the option to take up GEMBA, an AACSB and EQUIS accredited Global MBA degree program at SDA Bocconi Milan. AMPGS graduates would be given full academic and financial credit for the AMPGS program.

Educational loans available from HDFC.

For more details of the course visit http://gsmacademy.com/ampgs

call +91 80 2699 3489 or by mail at ampgs@gsmacademy.com

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