Program Outline

Learning in AMP- GS has three components:

1. Core

This set of courses is oriented towards managing with a global perspective. Some of the courses offered are – Managing a Global Corporation, Managing Global strategies, International Economics, Global Marketing, Financial Reporting for Global Operations, Innovation in High Tech Companies, Technology Management and others.

2. Context

In this set of courses participants explore new concepts learnt in the first set as they play out in different contexts of Europe, China and high tech global business based in Silicon Valley, apart from India. Some of the courses offered are- Chinese and Asian Economy, Advancing and Exercising your Strategy and Business for China, Merging across Cultures, Managing Operations in European Corporations, Global Economic Crisis, Hi-Tech Marketing and others.

3. Practice

In this component participants choose an issue, project or theme their company is interested in exploring in detail. They undertake research and data gathering, perform analysis and produce a report under supervision of a faculty from one of the participating institutions. It is expected that the quality of report will be comparable to a top-level consultant's report on the chosen issue. A panel of faculty, who may offer suggestions for further development, will evaluate the student’s work. The students will, through this effort, provide value to companies who have sponsored them and lay a basis for future work.