About Ampgs

In the 21stcentury business and economic systems are increasingly globalized. Four regions will dominate the global business and economic scenario. USA, China, European Union and India between them account for 60 percent of the growth in World GDP in recent years. They also form the largest markets and are the source of much of scientific, technological and business innovation. The recent economic crisis has highlighted the importance of these leading economies once again as developments in these regions determine the global political and economic dynamics.

The rapid changes of leading economies provides great opportunities for new business development and entrepreneurship in a wide range of products and services. Ambitious entrepreneurs can look forward to fresh opportunities for growth in emerging as well as renewing systems. As these regions and nations exhibit very different characteristics, business opportunities go hand in hand with challenges of understanding diverse cultures and economic systems and development of innovative business models. Organizations and businesses need to educate their senior managers on the opportunities and complexities of the new economic order and specific features of major markets.

The Advanced Masters Program on Global Strategies addresses the need for an advanced education program specifically designed to educate managers in global firms and firms with global aspirations and strategies. The learning in the program consists of current management knowledge on Global strategies and structure as well specialization in local contexts of the major markets of today World.

If you are considering a senior management program the following will be relevant to your choice:

Does the program interrupt my career ?

Many managers have learnt to their cost that a full time program breaks their career path and often the placement services by business schools do not meet their aspirations. AMP-GS on the other hand develops your potential and permits you to develop your career at your current employer or consider new options as appropriate

Does the program interrupt my current work ?

The structure of the program with learning modules at different locations with a gap of around three months enables you to keep up with your current work and commitments. The online learning in between modules further enhances learning without interrupting your schedules

How does the program enhance my managerial capabilities ?

Sessions at the top business schools in the most dynamic economic regions of the World- India, China, Europe and the US offer unrivalled high quality learning. Industry visits, workshops and seminars expose you to innovative business models and practicalities of business in these exciting environments.

How does the program enhance my managerial knowledge?

The curriculum has been designed by senior business academics after extensive research in consultation with global experts in Industry and academia. It is frequently updated to reflect the best in global executive management education.

How does it enhance my networks ?

The program provides an opportunity for you to network with classmates of similar background as well as with industry and academic experts internationally.